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A Game of Twister
New Showroom open for Dental Staff
For the Children


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Dental Fun

A Game of Twister

Dentistry - A Game of Twister

It occurred to me whilst assisting the other day, that Dental Assisting gives us Nurses much more fun than we thought. Navigating the right spot to choose, whilst giving your Dentist the premium spot so they can do their job.   It can quite often be like a game of Twister.
Large suction on the lingual side with your right hand, small suction in your left hand on the buccal whilst working in am area as small as a tennis ball and working around the dentist who also has his / her hands with the mirror for tongue retraction and the handpiece in the buccal cavity as well.  I had joked and said 'wow it really feels like we are playing twister'. He laughed and said 'yes Dani,  you really have described it well'.  It really gave us a giggle whilst we continued to play Twister throughout the day.  Sometimes it's these games that make our day even more enjoyable than they already are.  So when you are in this situation, think of which colour and place your going to play next. 

Happy Games of Twister ahead.  

New Showroom open for Dental Staff

Finally Open! 
Shopping Heaven for the Dental Staff. 

Dani from Teeth Hygienx has finally done it. She has opened the first showroom that has so many teeth, she will give the Tooth Fairy a run for her money.  

Teeth Hygienx started as a hobby over 5 years ago.   Whilst keeping low key, I have been expanding the range of fun dental themed gifts and toys.  After being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2015, I knew it was time to step it up and make a dream become reality.   So I moved out of the shed and gave Teeth Hygienx a place where everyone can visit.   Although the official opening party has not yet been set,  Everyone is welcome to visit, we cater for everyone.  

The display includes fun and funky dental novelties such as Socks, Ties, Scarves, Keyrings, Pens, Custom Products eg. Pajama pants and Thongs, Tooth themed toys, puzzles and books.  

You can find the showroom upstairs at 

Unit 32 / 121 Kerry Road

The Showroom can be viewed on Fridays and Mondays by appointments.   Teeth Hygienx also extends the invitation to open outside these days upon appointment by emailing Dani on dani@teethhygienx.com 

I look forward to seeing you in the showroom sometime, and also being amazed at how many crazy dental things there are!   


For the Children

It starts in the waiting room !!

I have had the pleasure of being  in many different waiting rooms, some of them so beautiful, I couldn't believe it was a waiting room.   My quick observations were that there was a variety of books / magazines to keep the adults entertained,  sometimes a special 'kid' section with toys,  but I noticed a huge lack of books and interactive learning tools for children which catered for their visit. 

Imagine going for your first dental check up and seeing all these scary people wearing masks, glasses and gloves.  Engaging the children with books specific to their appointments  can help ease the anxiety and questions they may have prior to their appointment.    We carry a number of terrific books / puzzles and educational boards specific to dental visits that are both educational and fun for the children to read and learn about the dental surrounding.  When I managed surgeries, I made a point to have only dental books for the children as  I felt that they probably had books at home that gave them great stories, but I wanted them to learn as well.   I used to love seeing mums and dads sitting down in the waiting room reading 'Dora goes to the Dentist'.   It was not uncommon for other children who were waiting to sit down and listen as well.  A story book telling session had just started.  

Unfortunately dental appointments are a necessary evil but by making your waiting room interactive with specific books and puzzles can help their next dental appointment appear to be more fun and less threatening.  They also learn the importance of regular dental visits, and looking after your teeth.   

To view the full range of books, puzzles, stickers and interactive boards,  please contact us at dani@teethhygienx.com.    


Well it is nearly Christmas again, and it is time to buy for your staff and or colleagues.  I have been busy,  like one of Santa's Elves, gathering more fun dental products to share with everyone. Dental Nurses / Assistants are some of my favourite clients. Why? To see their faces when they see my full range of fun novelties,  reassures why I started this business 7 years ago.  I was, and still am, one of those Dental Nurses.  So why not bring some fun and excitement to your dental practice this holiday season by giving them gifts that relate to their wonderful career. Keyrings,  Socks, Clocks, sorry no Jocks yet!, Tooth shaped - I have it all.  check out the full range on the website - www.teethhygienx.com.  I can also arrange a viewing of all dental gifts in person for those local to Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Please feel free to contact me via email to dani@teethhygienx.com or you can phone on 0438443337. 
Happy Holidays everyone - Stay safe and don't forget to have fun at work.