Teeth Hygienx - Making Teeth Fun
Please find below a selection of the baby or children products available.     
Oral 7 Tiny Teeth Combo
Your Babies Oral Care starts before the arrival of their Milk Teeth! Specially designed for gentle and safe oral hygiene for babies Contains protective enzymes naturally found in mother’s milk No fluoride, sugar, artificial colouring or detergent Safe if swallowed Relieves the discomfort of teething gums Fingerbrush fits easily on the finger Brush and massage every day to clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums
Price: $13.50
Oral 7 Kids Toothpaste
Oral7® KIDS Toothpaste contains natural enzymes to help reinforce your mouth's own defence system. Natural Enzymes to help restore the mouths natural defense system Flouride 1,000ppm Calcium NO “SLS” Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (Linked to APHTHOUS/MOUTH ULCERS) GREAT TASTE “Tutti Frutti” Natural sweetener (Xylitol) FREE soft Toothbrush
Price: $12.00
Baby Brush Bundle
Kit Includes, 1 x Angel Brush, 1 x Finger Cot, 1 x TePe Mini Soft Toothbrush
Price: $15.00
Angel Brush
Designed by a dentist, 100% Silicone teether - great for infants. It has soft little nodules to remove any loose plaque that coat the teeth, so it brushes the same time when they use it as a teether. Put in the freezer or fridge to chill. Lead Free, Phthalate Free - BPA Free
Price: $10.00
Baby Tender
Developed in a leading pediatric practice, these soft, single-finger swabs are perfect for cleaning small mouths before toothbrushing age — proven effective by parents across the country since 1981. Machine woven of 90% cotton/10% poly trimmed in pink, blue, yellow or white. Great for Puppies as well. We also recommend them to polish composite veneers as well.
Price: $6.00
Marvel Heroes set
Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man available.
Price: $4.00
Starlight Flashing Brush
Flashes for 1 minute
Price: $4.00
TePe Mini ToothBrush
Ideal First Toothbrush - small tapered head extra soft filaments. ideal for 0 - 3years. Plain handled colours only in stock, I can order with prints for $4.00 per brush.
Price: $3.50
TePe Compact Size Toothbrush
Small head, soft bristles, tepe brand either plain colours or limited Zoo Series (as shown in picture). $4.00 for printed.For ages 4 and over
Price: $3.50
Thumb Guard or Finger Guard
The patented, FDA - listed, ThumbGuard™ appliance is an effective and easy to use way to stop thumbsucking. It was designed with three things in mind: 1. Make it impossible for the child to suck their thumb when the appliance is on; 2. Make it very difficult for a child to remove it; 3. Make it as unrestrictive and as fun to wear as possible. When a child begins thumbsucking, a seal is created around the thumb with the lips. Without this seal, there is no suction, which is the primary source of pleasure in thumbsucking. The ThumbGuard™ appliance comes in three sizes: Small size for younger children from 3 to 4 years old, Medium size for 5 to 6 years old and Large for 7 and up.
Price: $95.00
Neon Toothbrushes
Small tapered head, fun neon colours, soft bristles. Made In USA. Great for ages 3+
Price: $1.50
Toothbrush Caps
Pops onto most toothpastes, ensures the cap goes back on the toothpaste
Price: $5.50
Toothbrush Caps
Pops onto most toothpastes, ensures the cap goes back on the toothpaste
Price: $5.50
Baby Tooth Album
Basic album allows you to store the baby teeth as they fall out for years to come.
Price: $15.00
Deluxe Baby Tooth Album
This deluxe version is a fold out version which allows you to place a photo, baby teeth, and has a chart to mark the event. Comes in Pink or Blue
Price: $25.00
Toothbrush with Musical Timer
Plays music for the recommended 60 seconds. Premium Soft Dupont Tynex Bristles.
Price: $9.95
Toothbrush Chart
Fun toothbrush chart customised with name for a boy or a girl. A fun double ended dental stamp is included to stamp the chart after each time they brush. 4 weeks to each chart. Printed on cardboard. Kit includes: Child size neon toothbrush, fun toothbrushing activity book, double ended stamp and brushing chart.
Price: $6.00